About Us

As a family business and manufacturer of peerless bathroom products and accessories, Acry Royal | Robinetterie Royal is able to produce exceptional products for your bathroom or shower room rejuvenation projects.

For over fifteen years, our team has been serving the population through our distributors. We strive day after day to offer quality products while providing warm customer service and being open to new ideas. We aim to improve, always.

Our team is constantly on the look-out for major trends in design and is able to offer a variety of elements that will enhance your decor. Discover both our products and our distributors via our website, and see the impressive quantity of options available to you.

Ever evolving, we’re always looking to offer you top-of-the-line products while keeping an eye on the best in the bathroom remodelling field. From the newest fashions to the very basics, our team focuses on providing you with the best of what’s on the market.

Take note that we regularly have promotions available, allowing you to benefit from substantial discounts which can save you a bundle on renovations that can sometimes become very expensive.

Accessibility, innovation and originality are what set us apart. Trust us with your major projects. Products made by Acry Royal | Robinetterie Royal will change your decor and bring to it a touch of charm and elegance.

Quality and innovation; that’s what makes the difference in your bathroom!

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